Call for EVS Volunteer

Project Description

Would you like to be a part of a Green family?
Would you like to gain practical experience in Serbian and Eastern-European civil society while working with organisations from all over the continent?
If you answered yes to the questions above, then why not volunteer in Serbian Green Youth for a long-term EVS?

ZOS (Zelena Omladina Srbije/ Serbian Green Youth) is looking for a volunteer for the EVS project Greenieland from February 2018 to February 2019. We are a non-profit youth organization established in Belgrade, Serbia. ZOS's main values organisation stands for are ecological wisdom, sustainability, social justice, democracy and nonviolence. ZOS's activities focus on improvement of human rights, women, workers and minority rights, environmental protection and climate change and empowering underprivileged and disadvantaged groups and communities. The organisation has been active for almost twenty years and organised hundreds of seminars, trainings, workshops, street actions and festivals nationally and internationally.

Note: The project has not been yet approved by the National Agency. EVS Application will be prepared for the 1st of October deadline and written in accordance of the volunteer's learning needs. The work place is based in our office in Belgrade and working time is 30 hours/week with flexible schedule. Note that some activities will take place during weekends which will be be compensated within weekdays. Due to Erasmus+ rules, we can host only a volunteer coming from one of the Erasmus' Programme Countries.

The goal of the project is to develop interpersonal and intercultural competences of young people as well as among the organisers of activities - volunteers themselves.

The volunteer will be involved in the following activities:
- Current ZOS projects and activities, focused on three topical priorities - sustainability, gender equality and housing;
- Preparing, attending and moderating regular membership meetings; preparation and implementation of educational activities and coordination of teams; planning, writing and implementing of international and local projects
- Helping the members in preparing promo materials such as posters and leaflets; helping with promotion of events, logistics, taking pictures, preparing articles and posts about events, preparing timetable of the events and hosting them;
- Supporting administrative work of the organisation: helping to manage our social media networks- Facebook, Instagram and website;
- Developing a personal project in areas according to their expertise and background that corresponds to ZOS values and priorities;
- Writing analytical articles and conducting researches related to sustainability, gender equality and housing for ZOS' portal ,,Okvir'';
- 20% of the working time the volunteer will work in Cooperation and Development Network's office. )

Accommodation, food and transport arrangements
The volunteer will be accommodated in a shared flat. The bathroom and the kitchen will be shared. The volunteer is expected to prepare it's own meals. Volunteer will receive between 180 - 360 EUR as one-time reimbursement of travel expenses from their country of residence to Serbia (according to distance calculator). The volunteer will receive 60 EUR of pocket money and additional stipend for food and accommodation each month.

Volunteer profile
We are looking for one volunteer with an interest in learning more about Serbian and Eastern European civil society, Green idea, sustainability, human rights, minority, women and LGBTQ+ rights, environmental protection, youth participation and empowering underprivileged and disadvantaged groups and communities as well as housing. The volunteer should be motivated to gain skills and knowledge on organisational and project management as well as non-formal education methodology.

Experience of working in an international team and with non-formal education may be useful but is not our foremost criteria. The projects hosted by ZOS are open to all young people, regardless of background, competences and experience.

We expect from volunteers a motivation and a will to improve their skills and abilities as well as interested in topics we work with. Volunteers will get good experience in youth work and work with other young people who participate in ZOS activities. Volunteer will work seven hours per working day and they will have 2 days per week free (mostly during the weekends).

How to Apply?
If you are interested to take this challenge and be our EVS volunteer for next year please send your application to and Your application must include:
• Your CV
• A motivation letter, explaining your motivation to do EVS and why you want to join our project. Emphasise your experiences -if you have any- with other youth networks and green organisations. Try to not to exceed one page.

The Board of ZOS will have a Skype meeting with shortlisted candidates. The call will be open until fulfilled.
For more information about ZOS and/or this call, please contact and

Additional Information
Please go through and follow our Facebook page ( ) and ,,Okvir'' ( ) in order to get to know our organisation better.

Friday, September 15, 2017 - 19:30